Licata (AG), Sicily
+39 366 807 8657

Sails and rigging

Paolo’s Experience with Sails and rigging will impress.
From wooden masts and rigging setups that leave the best of us confused, to carbon fiber race rigging, Paolo never ceases to know where to turn. If you watch the work from Paolo and his Crew, you will see that its not only to repair your sails to the best possible standard, and show honesty when they have past their used by date, but to the thought and process when dismounting and mounting sails and rigging. Down once, up once.
Paolo will constantly share his experiences to try help you get the longest life out of your sails and lines. It won’t be the first time he has shown someone why the line setup is doing damage.

When you send your sails for maintenance to Sisail, you will be offered both a excellent sail washing service, and dehumidified winter storage of the sails.

Sisail can also carry out rigging inspections and give reports for insurance.

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