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We carry out all Mechanical repairs and maintenance.
Our outlook on servicing your engine is not an oil change, but preventative maintenance. This goes for all equipment on board.
We carry out full check of all systems of an engine, looking for what may just bring your summer to a grinding halt. Sometimes just a leaky fitting, while another time we will find your heat exchanger about to cause you a pain in the pocket! The most important of all, we only replace what need replacing.
Having electrical skills, modern motors are just our thing. With the right information, we can find just about any problem without  the expensive test equipment.
Servicing, as advised by all engine manufactures, should be done before laying up your engine for winter, not just before setting off. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly removing all the carbon and toxins deposited in the engine from the summer is much healthier for the engine. Secondly, most people like to get into summer without a hitch, well its not to anyone’s benefit to be running around in a frenzy because you didn’t check your motor at the beginning of winter!

When its time, we can meticulously rebuild your engine or gearbox, to make it like new. We do advise, sometimes this is just not worth it between parts and time. But we will walk you through the process to understand what to do.

When things go pair shaped, some parts of the engine can be repair.
Depending the location of the problems we can refurbish parts.
A common issue is heat exchanger and exhaust elbow failure. Quite often we can repair the heat exchangers, but exhaust elbows are a much more delicate discussion due to their design.

Apart from engines, we deal with all other mechanical aspects of the boat
From the helm to the rudder, thruster’s to pumps, Cranes to doors and hatches.
We take the same meticulous approach to all mechanical items on board that we would with an engine, even when something is new to us we go through the manuals and study the machinery to better understand the problems at hand.