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Electrical and Electronics

            Solar Systems           

Keeping your batteries charged up is important. With weathering being a large factor in the performance, not to mention miss calculation of wiring and corrosion, you can soon be loosing a great deal of your charging capacity. Before changing regulators, panels, batteries…. test if there is actually a more simple problem first.
It is a good idea to make yearly performance checks of your solar system, to make sure everything is still working 100%,Charging systems are very sensitive.

 Battery Banks,
   Charging Systems,

Batteries are something that can cost you a small fortune when they all go wrong. Batteries need to be maintained by good onboard charging systems. They also need to be the correct battery for the job.
Every season it is recomend to test your batteries, not with a voltmeter but with a electronic battery tester. From the results  you will know if all is ok.
In performing a battery test, alteranotrs are tested for performance, and wiring to the engine is checked along with the starter motor’s general performance.

    Starter Motors

Correctly testing and diagnosing issues with alternators and starter motors . Checking their on board performance, pulling them down and testing the windings, replacing worn out bearings, correctly checking the circuits. Even cables need a look over and great consideration.
Engine turning over slowly? Charge voltage looks a little low? Time for a full system check!

We offer services to replace or rebuild startermotors and alternators.

Navigation Eqiptment and Electrical Systems       

From installation to faultfinding and reperation of onboard electrical systems and your Navigation systems. Helping you find the right equiptment and showing you how to get the most out of it.
There are many choices of lighting and other needed electrics, getting the right balance and making logical upgrades is key.
We like to take pride in pinpointing ellectical faults, by getting straight to the problem. Talking to customers, we build a understanding, with the understanding we localise then pinpoint the problems.
Although we find unfortunately many electronicswe can not repair simply because we can not identify components, Navigation equiptment is great, learning to use it even better can be a real benifit to your voyages. A nice new install or fixing an older instalation.
We work with some of the leading manufaturers and also take an interest into the inovation of new technology. Wether you want a simple navigations system to complete monitoring of the vessel, near or far, there are options.

12/24 vdc and 230vAC Motors for Thrusters, Hydraulic Power Packs and Pumps.   

We offer serives to replace worn out motors, and in the case that we can not find a suitable replacement, we have partners that can rebuild DC and AC motors.
Rebuilding a DC motor is something that is becoming harder and harder to find, those who still carry out this work do it by hand.

Internet, onboard networks and wi-fi 


Are you sick of just being outside internet coverage, or just out of wi-fi coverage. Or just want something a little more simplistic?
Install  of systems to allow you to accept marina wi-fi connections via an antenna, permanent 4G conections, internal wifi  for your boat that can choose for itself which internet source to use.
Small vesels only require a small bit of equiptment to really benifit, wile larger motor yachts will require an exstensive system.
Talk about your needs, and we can creat the solution right for you.