Licata (AG), Sicily
+39 366 807 8657

Yacht Service Licata

Yacht Service Licata was founded in 2015, after transferring from working aboard super yachts, with a vision to provide all the service that large and small boats a like require. Our goal is to help you  with whatever you need. From service and maintenance to catering for charter guests.
Even when we are helping the large motor and sailing yachts, we strive to be there for our smaller customers too, everyone needs a helping hand occasionally.
Winter works currently generally see us supporting a large  cruising community for parts and services here in Licata. But, we are looking forward to being able to offer a viable
winter maintenance spot for larger vessels.


Slowly we wish to make a blog on this site for people to stay in contact over technical topics and to share items for sale(most likely a section of our online store for ease of use). This will also allow a forum where you can thank us and share you experiences and also advise us where we let you down, so we can try and improve our services. All recommendations are welcome!

Also, we are discussing some great ideas at the moment hoping to help the sailing community bond with the real Licata people, the generous and humble, the party goers, the cooks and diners,the people like you. And most of all to experience life here, not just be treated like a tourist.